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Workshop for Advanced Improvisers

13-15 giugno
Musicking on Early Keyboards: an Embodied Approach

Musicology and Cultural Heritage Department, Pavia University Cremona
Basilica Palatina di Santa Barbara, Mantua
June 13-15, 2024

The Workshop

The workshop will explore the complex ecosystem made of historical instruments, musicians, and space. The aim is to investigate how the specific affordances of the keyboards shape the motoric patterns used by the improviser and help them achieve better control of musical structures. This embodied perspective considers the sound qualities of historical instruments as an indispensable component of artistic creation and a viable tool for absorbing a specific style and musical idiom.
Two of the leading musicians and researchers in historical improvisation will experiment and musick with a selected group of advanced improvisers, in a constant dialogue with scholars and musicologists. A limited number of students will also be able to participate in some of the activities.